“Silo” :  a tall tower or pit on a farm used to store grain. A pit or other airtight structure in which green crops are compressed and stored as silage... The word Silo comes from Spanish, via Latin and is used in most european languages. This word has a connotation of agriculture, tradition, maybe even Spain itself .

Our shop is in a way a “Silo” which stores a wide range of design and traditional products with one thing in common: they are all not only "Made in Spain", but “Well Made in Spain”.

As a Concept Store Silo is inspired by design and quality, love for raw materials, timeless elegance of traditional products and the singular beauty of handmade objects. Our handpicked brands range from well stablished companies with a family tradition to young creators who have gone back to collaborating with local artisans. But their common goal is to offer a high quality, timeless product.

We are three Spanish women that for professional or personal reasons made Berlin their home, place where they met, and initiated this common project that comes from the love to beautiful things and the pride of our origin. We want to bring to Berlin the best of Spain.


From left to right: Elena Nieto, Julieta Benito and Cristina Schuttmann